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Floating FlangeCharacteristics and Features
Characteristics and Features
1、Reasonable assembly-A set of rubber expansion joints will reduce the transmission noise of str-ucture 15゛25dB.
2、It employs multi-layer sphere structure so th-at the vigration absorption is good and the noise reduction dfficiency is significant.
3、It can bear relatively large working pressure. it features anti-burst and good elasticity.
4、It is able to deflect and displace to avoid damage caused by subsidence of fondation.
5、It is able to stretch and compress to avoid break of pipes due to thermal expansion and cold deformation.
6、It is able to connect eccentric pipe for easy replacement.
7、The main body employs polarized rubber,which is heat-resisting anti-corrosive and age-inhibiting.
1、Plumbing and ventiltion piping system of building,factory,mine and residence.
2、Piping of water supply, water drainage,water circulation and pipeline of hygenic system.
3、Piping of refrigeration, chemical anti-corrosive pipeline,paper mill pipeline and other piping sytems.
4、Pipeline of ships and vaval vessels as well as pipeline of petrochemical lndustry.
5、Other pipeline systems.
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